Manatee United 4 Pets: No Kill effort gets TV show

Just four years ago, Manatee County took its step on the journey to “No Kill” when it declared its intentions to work towards this worthwhile goal of not euthanizing healthy, adoptable dogs and cats because of shelter overcrowding.

ManateeUnited4Pets Fast forward to 2015. Save rates are up as many citizens have been successfully educated, enabled and encouraged to act responsibly in regards to their four legged friends.

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Manatee United 4 Pets: No Kill Equation

If you are reading this column, you probably have some interest in pets. You probably know that life is just better with them around. What you might not know is that, in Manatee County, a dedicated group of rescues and shelters struggle each and every day to keep homeless pets alive. All told, more than 5,500 of them in a single year! It is rewarding. It is frustrating. It is like bailing out a sinking ship with a thimble!
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New hope for animals in Manatee

When the new director of Manatee County Animal Services stepped into a meeting room at the downtown Bradenton library, he encountered a “very refreshing” sight.

More than 60 people attended an organizational rally for Manatee United 4 Pets, an umbrella coalition whose mission is to establish a fresh working relationship among animal rescue advocates and the county agency that serves as a shelter of last resort for homeless dogs and cats.
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New coalition of animal advocates forming in Manatee

Animal advocates and rescue group volunteers will meet with the new head of Manatee County Animal Services on Monday evening (Oct. 6).

catMCASDebra Starr of Animal Network wants to unite the rescue community under an umbrella organization called Manatee United 4 Pets. The organizational meeting will be from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Central Library, 1301 Barcarrota Blvd., Bradenton.

Animal Services director Bill Hutchison and new volunteer specialist Sam Wolfe are to talk about innovations that are ahead for the county agency.
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Manatee County animal rescue groups team up with new organization

Nearly a dozen local animal rescue organizations and shelters are teaming up to more efficiently raise money, sponsor joint events and push for better implementation of Manatee County’s no-kill program as the county government’s Animal Services Division, which has drawn fire for how it has managed the effort, transitions to new leadership.

The rescue groups are collaborating under the moniker “Manatee United for Pets.”

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Plight of pets should be concern for entire county

Thank you, Herald, for helping publicizing the ongoing struggle Manatee County faces on the path to a sustainable No Kill Community. We are all breathing a sigh of relief for the rescued dogs.

I hope you will continue to help publicize the ongoing plight of our county’s homeless dogs and cats because the “crisis” is far from over. The scramble to save the lives of homeless pets happens every day.

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Snowbirds leave void at Manatee County Animal Services

The annual migration of snowbirds to their cooler “nests” has begun. Nowhere in the county will they be more sorely missed than at the two animal shelters, where an average of 90 dogs rely on these dedicated volunteers for their daily exercise.

Dogs like Alan, Bebe, Dennis and Mason, who have been in kennels since December, relish their routine with the volunteer walkers.

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