About Animal Network

Our Ongoing Mission

Throughout the years, our mission remains to keep pets out of shelters and rescues.  We organize, fund and participate in low cost/no cost clinics that offer microchipping, spay and neuter.  We also have a vibrant education program that encourages responsible pet ownership and offers vouchers for veterinarian services.

We spearheaded the Suncoast Animal Alliance and continue to drive life saving initiatives designed to divert pets from shelters and rescues.

Over the years, euthanasia has decreased dramatically, but nationally, 2-3 million pets still die in shelters every year.  Animal Network  continues to strive to bring down that number with effective and innovative programs that unite our community resources.

Board Members

Our board members are awesome because they are ALL volunteers. They do what they do because they love animals.

Pam Freni

Laurie Crawford
Vice President

Sue Kolze

Joanne Sampson

Debra Starr
Marketing & Public Relations

Debara Mathews

Rita Boyer

Scott Walraven

Bill Hutchinson