About Animal Network

Our Ongoing Mission: Manatee County Can Do Better

Animal Network, a 501 c3 organization, was founded in 1999 as MCOLA, a grass roots organization working to convince Manatee County to provide community dog parks. Once our first dog park was completed, we expanded our mission to helping the entire animal community, and changed our name to  Animal Network.

We have partnered with shelters and rescue organizations to raise awareness of shelter and rescue animals for adoption, promote spay and neuter programs and become more effective as a united front.  We are active members of the Manatee Animal Coalition in Manatee County.

We believe in Manatee County’s commitment to become a SUSTAINABLE No Kill Community. We also believe that  only a Collaborative and Cooperative Determined Force can make it a reality.  We invite you to join us to Educate, Enable, Encourage and Exemplify and affect positive change in Manatee County.

Board Members

Our board members are awesome because they are ALL volunteers. They do what they do because they love animals.

Laurie Crawford

Sue Kolze
Vice President

Wendy Crawford

Joanne Sampson

Debra Starr
Marketing & Public Relations

Rita Boyer

Linda Kinnan

Diane Pendleton

Scott Walraven